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Patience vs. Persistence


I was asked to share my thoughts by Todd Rhoade on the topic of Patience vs. Persistence. I truly believe this is one of the greatest challenges we face in our pursuit of purpose.

Here is a snippet of the blog entry posted over on Todd Rhoade's Blog. To continue reading please click here or the link under the excerpt.

Last year, I had lunch with a very successful marketing professional. He had been impacted by the message in the book I’d recently written, and asked if we could get together to chat about the principles within. After about an hour of meaningful dialogue, our conversation shifted. “Todd, you’ve got to get this book out to the masses. Everyone needs to read it,” he exclaimed with urgency in his voice. “There’s so much you could be doing to get it on the fast track.” As he continued, I listened quietly, nodding occasionally to affirm his ideas. Finally, in response to my nonchalant attitude, he sighed, and with frustration in his voice, asked me point blank; “What’s your goal for this thing, Todd?” After a short pause I answered, “obedience.“ Needless to say, this was not the answer he was expecting.

1 billion and…1


With over a billion active blogs available today, one has to wonder, why on earth would anyone even consider adding another blog to the mix? Well, to be honest, I’m not 100% sure. But despite my own apprehensions, that’s exactly what I’m about to do. And, in staying true to that ever-important question why, I’ve listed three reasons I feel comfortable adding one more to a billion.

1. It’s an opportunity to more frequently share thoughts, ideas and questions that lie at the very heart of leadership and our purpose in life.

For over twenty years my obsessive studies and unique mix of experiences in business and athletics have allowed me to dissect the subject of leadership every which way imaginable. As a result, I’ve developed some fairly radical thoughts, ideas, and opinions that I think you might find helpful in your leadership journey. But even more important than these thoughts and ideas, are the questions that I believe lie at the very heart of leadership and our purpose on this earth. So, although I love to share thoughts and ideas, it’s the opportunity to challenge you with the deep questions that go along with these thoughts and ideas that really excites me about writing a blog.