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A Championship Run!


With all the hype around the upcoming College Football National Championship I thought I’d share with you a few cool things happening in the world of LEAD…for God’s Sake.

Ohio State’s Head Football Coach Urban Meyer has continued to be a huge part of this journey, and as he prepares for another shot at the top, he has continued to reference the book as one of the key “game changers” in his life leading up to this point. Below are comments he shared at the National Championship Media Day, after being asked about LEAD…for God’s Sake and how often he references it.

I’m so appreciative of his genuine heart for this message! But most importantly, it’s been an incredible blessing to see the consistent peace in his eyes as he’s climbed back to this spot!

Stay tuned over the next few days for stories I’ve been interviewed for on popular platforms such as (story will be posted Sunday and Monday), (a part of (Sports Illustrated)), and I’ll also be live on the Doug Gottlieb Show Monday at 5:00PM. Don’t forget to tune in!

Thanks again for helping us share the message!

A Champion’s Choice


As the name on the email alert faded in and out of the corner of my laptop screen I did a double take in disbelief. This has to be one of my buddies messing with me. There’s no way he’d be sending me an email, I thought to myself as I clicked on the name to open it. But as I began to read the heart-felt words that described the emotions LEAD…for God’s Sake was bringing into the light, I knew it was real. One of the most successful coaches in the country, a guy I had prayed would find this book some day, Urban Meyer, had not only found it, but had been deeply moved by its message.

Minutes after I replied to his email, Coach Meyer called me. Determined to go deeper into the heart of the parable, he bombarded me with questions. Eventually, our discussion shifted to the personal trials and triumphs of his past, and how his drive to stay on top in college football had almost destroyed everything that really mattered to him. Physically and emotionally spent, he’d ripped his hands from the steering wheel — for a second time — and walked away. That was last summer.

Are You Flying Blind?


At first it startled me. Then, after figuring out what it was, I found it a bit amusing. But as time passed, and my feathered friend continued to fly face first – or should I say beak first -- into our picture window, I actually began to feel sorry for the little fella. Blinded to the reality of his own plight, he persisted in this self-destructive behavior for some time. Finally, after spotting my waving arms just beyond the illusion that had originally lured him in, the battered little bird flew off to better things.

As I thought about this bird’s foolish actions I was reminded of times in my own life where I’d mirrored his behavior. Times where I had been drawn into the pursuit of something that really wasn’t what I thought it was. Blinded to the realities of my own situation, I too had haphazardly flown into some windows in life. What’s worse, as a leader I had led others down this same path. Epitomizing the blind leading the blind, I struggled with what I believe to be one of the most critical elements of leadership: self-awareness.

Simply put, self-awareness is an ability to see oneself accurately in relation to both internal and external forces in life.

Leadership and Your Responsibility


I absolutely love the opportunities I get to speak and teach on the topic of leadership. The chance to encourage other leaders to strive to be their best by leading in the right ways, for the right reasons, is near and dear to my heart to say the least! Of course, one of the coolest things about teaching leadership is that you’re actually modeling the subject your teaching. Think about it. Leadership in its most basic sense is influence. And, when you teach, you’re influencing. But what’s even more important to realize about the opportunity to teach leadership is that, as with all worthwhile opportunities, this opportunity comes with a price, responsibility.

For me, the responsibility that comes with teaching leadership seems fairly simple. I have a responsibility to show up prepared to communicate with clarity. I also I have a responsibility to have a deep understanding of the subject. But most importantly, I have a responsibility to share truth – truth that goes beyond what others want to hear, into what God has impressed upon my heart that they need to hear. So, despite the fact that these days the message folks want to hear, more often then not, is in higher demand than the one they need to hear, I have a responsibility to remain true to the heart of the message – even if it comes at the expense of my own personal popularity.