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Drinking From The One True Source



In part one of this series, the challenge was made clear; in society today, we’re inundated with calls that distract and desensitize. Unfortunately, these are also the calls that most frequently summon us, and most consistently fill our minds. And the truth is, what most fills our minds, eventually fuels our hearts. This is important to note since nothing more significantly affects your ability to hear and answer the right calls in life, than the health of your heart.

In the video clip below I discuss the parallel between the body’s need for pure water and the heart’s need for pure truth. In light of this, I also share some thoughts on a cultural trend that I believe is having a significant effect on the health of many hearts: diminished time drinking directly from the one true source – God’s Word. This trend is rooted in our natural tendency toward instant gratification and our desire for that which appeals most to our senses. Unfortunately, with issues of the heart, feeding these tendencies rarely serves us well over the long haul. Instead, to hear and answer the most important calls in our lives, we must be diligent in our quest for truth. To do this, we must spend time directly at the source – the living and powerful word of God.

My sincere hope is that in watching this video you’ll not only consider the many sources that are filling your mind daily, but that you will also prayerfully consider how these sources are fueling and subsequently affecting the overall health of your heart.

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