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The Pursuit of Your Passions


What passions are you pursuing in life? Do they wake you in the middle of the night or dominate your thoughts throughout the day? Are they what you’ve always dreamed of becoming or feel “destined” to do with your life? Or maybe they’re just a part of who you feel you were called to be—your purpose. Whatever they are, in the midst of pursuing them everything else in life seems to slip into the shadows of insignificance.

I must confess that after nearly two decades of pursuing my passions in both athletics and business, God opened my eyes to a bit of an unpopular view of the pursuit of my passions. And He did it through a simple question that I believe we all ask ourselves from time to time: Why do I do what I do? The challenge is; do we answer honestly?

As a young athlete I occasionally asked myself this question regarding my passion for basketball. Why was I willing to spend hours upon hours of my teenage years pushing myself to exhaustion? Was it for the love of the game, the thrill of victory, or maybe the camaraderie or the competition? Whatever it was, I eventually dismissed the question, satisfied with how I’d justified my pursuits in my own mind.