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The Adventure Continues…


If you’ve heard me share the “story behind the story” of LEAD…for God’s Sake, you know this journey has been nothing short of amazing! From the way God laid the title on my heart to the way He moved me beyond my plans to His plans for a parable; the endorsements, the events, the publishing deal and most importantly, the continuous stories of lives changed have made for a miraculous adventure, to say the least! And the real truth is, as I’ve walked this path now for nearly five years, one thing has become consistently clear: God is in control – Todd is NOT (As you might imagine, the whole control thing in my life has been, and continues to be a huge work in process – day by day)!

So here’s the deal, Monday, April 7th the soft cover edition of the book is being officially released nationally. And, although there are numerous ways the “experts” tell us we should go about promoting a release, we’ve chosen to rely on what has served as the foundation of this journey all along – relationships! With this in mind, we’ve put together a few simple videos to reach out to a relatively small group of friends who are genuinely passionate about the message.

The Story Behind LEAD…for God’s Sake!


Although I’ve sensed a call on my life to write a book for a number of years, before actually embarking upon the journey in the spring of 2009, I felt moved to answer one very important question: Why? Why do I really want to write a book? I knew by searching deep within my heart to answer this question, with God’s help, I would be able to not only define what true success would be for this pursuit, but I would also be able to make certain my motives were pure.

After weeks of prayerful consideration, I concluded there were two main reasons to move ahead: First, I wanted to put the heart of my leadership philosophies in writing for my children to have for generations to come. And second, I wanted to put these same philosophies in a format that would encourage the hearts of a few of my most influential friends in business and in athletics. If I could get a book in print that would accomplish these two things, the project would align perfectly with my purpose in life, and regardless of the time, money, or effort it would take to complete it, it would be worth it.