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Pray for Newtown


We, the people, watch in disbelief. With tear-filled eyes and heavy hearts filled with empathy, despair and anger, we wonder. We question. We cry. In our churches, in our businesses, at sporting events, in government buildings, on college campuses, and in our schools...we wonder. We question. We cry. Sadly, as we search for answers, our society has conditioned us to look outward more than inward. More often than not, this approach takes us to one of the most polarizing subjects in America today: legislation. From issues of gun control, to violence in mainstream media, to pulling God out of schools and government buildings, you name it – when it comes to these issues, we are a deeply divided nation. And yet – this still seems to be the first place we look to solve our society’s problems. Please don’t misunderstand me, I do agree that laws have their place, and serve a purpose in our country. However, legislation has never, and will never solve the deepest issues we face as a society. Why? Because these issues are issues of the heart – and they start in the home!

The issues of the heart start with each and every one of us as individuals.