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The Story Behind LEAD…for God’s Sake!


Although I’ve sensed a call on my life to write a book for a number of years, before actually embarking upon the journey in the spring of 2009, I felt moved to answer one very important question: Why? Why do I really want to write a book? I knew by searching deep within my heart to answer this question, with God’s help, I would be able to not only define what true success would be for this pursuit, but I would also be able to make certain my motives were pure.

After weeks of prayerful consideration, I concluded there were two main reasons to move ahead: First, I wanted to put the heart of my leadership philosophies in writing for my children to have for generations to come. And second, I wanted to put these same philosophies in a format that would encourage the hearts of a few of my most influential friends in business and in athletics. If I could get a book in print that would accomplish these two things, the project would align perfectly with my purpose in life, and regardless of the time, money, or effort it would take to complete it, it would be worth it.

At peace with my motives, I set out on my journey. What happened next is hard for me to explain on paper. After struggling for weeks trying to lay my philosophies out in typical leadership-book fashion, I felt a strange urging in my heart to start over and begin the book with the title as the first line, and then follow that with a short leadership parable that would lead into my philosophies.

Although I had never written a parable, much less, planned to write one in my first book, the message in my heart was clear. So, staying true to what I was feeling, I began the book with a parable. And then, it happened. A story began to literally pour out of my heart and onto the pages of this book.

With each passing day, it became more and more apparent, this was not a story I created in my head; rather, this was a story God was pouring out through my heart. Ten weeks and 250 pages later, the entire book had become a parable about finding the heart of leadership.

I feel both humbled and honored that this story was laid on my heart to share with you. I sincerely hope that it encourages you and touches your heart in reading it, like it did mine in writing it.

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  • RJ

    Coach Church the new girls soccer coach at Strongsville H.S. Introduced the book at his preseason meeting. Since he stated the book is his philosophy I decided to read it. I will say it changed my life but I am most excited that the philosophy is shared by my daughters new coach Church.

    Strongsville girls soccer program has the most Ohio State Championships than any other public high school. I’m confident the legacy will live on with coach Church as long as he is true to “Lead for God’s Sake” philosophy. The “machine” will continue to produce strong “loving” successful women.