At the very heart of who Todd is; lies a deep desire to inspire you to move from knowledge to action – and that’s where everything must begin! Topic areas he covers include:
  • Your BEST in Leadership
  • Peace, Passion and Purpose
  • Character and Values
  • Accountability and Responsibility
  • Servant Leadership
  • Culture/Team Development
Drawing from a journey that includes over twenty years experience in the world of business and athletics, Todd combines a unique blend of energy and expertise with an uncanny ability to share straight from the heart. Ultimately, Todd challenges his audiences to go beyond the typical trends of today to venture deep into what he calls the heart of hearts of leadership – where answers to many of the most important questions in leadership - and in life can be found. From Fortune 500 companies to the 2012 Final Four Coaches Convention, Todd’s background has made him a sought after speaker to a wide range of organizations from across the country. And, although Todd speaks on a variety of topics, his message always remains true to the heart and soul of the leadership principles found in his book LEAD…for God’s Sake! Contact us today to learn more about how to bring Todd’s inspiring message of leadership to your business, team, or organization!

My Video Clips

Below are a few samples of past events from around the country. As you will see, Todd delivers his inspirational messages with a passion founded upon a genuine desire to leave his audiences impacted, encouraged, and challenged to grow in their own leadership.

Previous Engagements

Across the country, leaders within these notable programs, organizations, and businesses are embracing the LEAD...for God's Sake! message...
Just a few of the places Todd has shared his powerful message of leadership...
  • New Canaan Society Greenwich, CN
  • 2012 NCAA NABC Final Four Coaches Forum New Orleans, LA
  • Thrivent Financial Group Omaha, NB
  • Notre Dame Rosenthal Leadership Academy Notre Dame, IN
  • LIFEWORK Leadership Orlando, FL
  • Chicago Men’s Fellowship Chicago, IL
  • LFGS Marketplace Leadership luncheon Atlanta, GA
  • Marketplace Leadership Luncheon Regent University, VA
  • Farm Bureau Life Jackson, MS
  • MCC Annual Coaches Conference Huntington, IN
  • Marketplace Leadership Luncheon Cincinnati, OH
  • Marketplace Solutions Leadership Breakfast Youngstown, OH
  • LEAD...for God's Sake! Leadership Luncheon Raleigh, NC
  • Call2business Greenville, NC
  • Indiana PGA Indianapolis, IN
  • The Chapel Church (Green Campus) Akron, OH
  • CROSSROADS Community Leadership Event Newnan, GA
  • Mississippi St. Coaches/Athletic Department Mississippi State, MS

Praise on Past Events

“Wow! Thank you so much for joining us in South Florida. God has truly given us a gift through you.”

— Craig Huston, Executive Director of South Florida, Lifework Leadership

“Todd’s message will challenge you to take a sincere look in the mirror. His words will inspire you to move in a purposeful direction.”

— David Thornton, Indianapolis Colts | Director of Player Engagement

“Todd’s message hit the heart of our team! We continue to see the impact.”

— Steve Miller, President of Millwood, Inc.

“An exceptional communicator… Todd’s powerful and inspiring message comes straight from the heart and resonates with many people.”

— Bubba Cunningham, Director of Athletics at University of North Carolina

“Thank you for speaking to our team. Your message was perfect for our meeting and the book will be inspiring to our leaders!”

— Randy Kibler, President and CEO at Bojangles’ Restaurants, Inc.

"A powerful, life-changing message delivered with clarity!"

— Todd Firestone, PGA Head Golf Professional

"Powerful message delivered with energy and Passion!"

— John Smoltz, Former Major League Pitcher, 8–time All-Star, Sportscaster

"…loaded with practical ways to challenge our team to answer the questions that matter most in leadership!"

— Donnie Smith, CEO of Tyson Foods

Todd Gongwer Todd Gongwer Todd Gongwer Todd Gongwer Todd Gongwer Todd Gongwer Todd Gongwer

"The BEST leaders embrace their current position in life; regardless of status/title, maximizing impact in the right ways-for the right reasons!"

— Todd

Speaking Events

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