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Why Do YOU Exist…What’s Your Real Purpose?


In my last update I wrote about the importance of checking our motives by asking ourselves why we do what we do – especially before embarking upon any leadership journey. I also challenged you to make certain that why you do what you do aligns with the more important why question – WHY are you here on this earth? This is the question that truly lies at the heart of hearts of your leadership and is where you will ultimately find the answer to what it means to be your BEST in leadership and in life.

So why are you here on this earth? Although countless books and articles attempt to go deep into the philosophy, physiology, psychology, and even theology of the reason for our existence, I much prefer the simple approach of seeking the truth of the matter from the very source of our existence – God. So why are you here?

  • God created you in His image and for His glory (Gen. 1:27) (He does have that right, by the way).
  • Relationship is central to His image (Gen 2:15, John 3:16, John 14) (He loves you and wants you to love him).
  • We bring glory to Him by following what His son clarified and simplified for us as the greatest commandment: LOVE GOD and OTHERS as YOURSELF (Mark 12:29-31, John 15:9-17).